I took the Pathfinder out for some fun at lunch, if you live in the Atlanta area you know that we've been having a lot of rain lately. Got muddy, rode a trail or two through the woods, everything went fine. I then ran into f**king sewer drain in a huge concrete case when backing up to disengage 4WD. :/

"So did I, and the design we're rolling out in 2013 will incorporate some of those elements so we have an easier to read, more blog-like layout."

I was having an interesting discussion with boxerfanatic (http://jalopnik.com/me/inbox?post=53813707) and had the following thought pop up, any comments? I dont claim to know thats how it worked, but I thought it was an interesting concept.

I really wish the hashtags still worked so I could get in on this #turbotuesday thing I missed. I love 80's style turbo graphics. Toyota did a good job with them on their trucks.